Cub Scouts become Boy Scout at banquet

Scouting banquet
Webelos 2 boys who became Boy Scouts at the banquet. From left to right: Ahren Campbell, Dylan Tonseth, Coy Fletcher and Joshua Meros. Courtesy Photo.

The Cashmere Boy Scouts held their annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet for Pack 1 of the Cub Scouts on Monday, February 20.

According to Candi Jo Bray, the Cub Scout Den Leader for Pack 1 Den 2, this banquet is to celebrate the second year Webelos becoming Boy Scouts and earning their rank badges for the year.

Webelos (We'll Be Loyal Scouts) Scouts are fourth and fifth graders. The Webelos den is only a 2-year program, according to Bray.

"This banquet is, how I like to put it, the Super Bowl of Cub Scouting," Bray said. 

Extended families, Scout VIP's, members from the Chartered organization and Boy Scouts are invited to the annual banquet to recognize the hard work that the young boys have done and to celebrate with them while they all receive their awards.

"We come together as a pack and a family," Bray said. "We celebrate with a huge meal and awards ceremony."

The room the banquet was held in was decorated in blue and gold. 

Center pieces on each of the tables were made by the Scouts depicting a famous person who had also been in Boy Scouts in the past.

Every Boy Scout chose a unique famous person to share pictures of and talk about, describing that person's scout history.

"They had the opportunity to be as creative as they wanted and they all turned out awesome and unique," Bray said. "We learned a lot about how so many famous, inspiring and important people in history got their start through scouting."

This year's banquet celebrated Cub Scouts Ahren Campbell, Dylan Tonseth, Coy Fletcher and Joshua Meros who were all moving up to becoming Boy Scouts. 

"Each Den Leader has the opportunity to get up with their group of boys and tell everyone some of the things they have completed and what they enjoyed most," Bray said. "Then they get to present each boy with their awards."

The Webelos 2 boys then crossed over a bridge that the Boy Scouts erected in a 'cross over' ceremony. In crossing over the bridge, the boys went from being Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.


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