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New website

Welcome to our new website

This site represents our first significant upgrade in over 10 years - a lifetime in the cyber world.

We believe these upgrades will make our websites more valuable to our readers and advertisers.

The biggest change other than the appearance is that this site is fully responsive to whatever device you happen to be viewing it on. In geek speak it is fully responsive. That means it automatically adjusts to fit your desktop computer, IPad or Smart Phone – no pinching or manipulating to see the page.

So, in layman’s terms, sign on with a smart phone and you get a highly readable presentation auomatically – now you can read your local community newspaper anytime – anywhere.

We have added an E-Edition of the current paper and special sections like Senior Focus. There is a much improved photo gallery and we will be posting additional free content.

To fully access the local stories like City Council, School Board and High School Sports you will need to be a paid subscriber of our print edition. That’s not new. We still need to pay our reporters to cover local news. To access our locally produced “Premium Content” you need to log onto the site. You can login the first time with your old user name and password, but you will need to update your login profile with the new required information including your email address.

Do not worry about giving us your email address. We will not be selling it. We consider it part of our proprietary customer database to be protected as a trade secret. But by having that we can send you occasional breaking news stories like fire updates or school closings.

Our websites have been growing rapidly over the last few years. Last year alone our unique visitor count for this site grew 52%. The website now averages 2.5 times more unique visitors each week than our weekly print subscribers and single copy buyers.

It is clear that our websites offer us a tremendous opportunity to improve our service to our local community.

Making a change like this is not without its problems. So we ask you to be patient as we work our way through the bugs. We have spent several months testing the site but it seems once we go live there are always unexpected surprises.

The site was supposed to be live March 1 but archives were stilling being transferred on Wednesday from the old site and it takes some time for a new site to become available across the net.

As part of this change all of our email is being transferred to a new server as well. We do have some concerns that we could drop some email messages in the transfer. We recommend that if you send an email using our non-gmail accounts that you check to make sure we received those messages. We will endeavor to return a confirmation notice to all incoming email messages through Monday, March 6. If you do not receive a confirmation email please resend your message.

The new site also gives our local advertisers more options for promoting their business on line. More ad sizes and links to their web sites and social media sites give local businesses a cost effective way to maintain a multi-media marketing campaign targeted to their most important customer – you.

Last year we started a local business directory service which continues to grow. The shop local directory has been fully responsive since its inception. But we believe having these new websites responsive as well will encourage local readers to increase their use of that local search engine to support our local businesses.

Whether you are looking for what’s on special at your local grocer, which local restaurants have a happy hour or what time the parade starts all if this information could ultimately be available through the convenience of your smart phone from one trusted local source – The Cashmere Valley Record.

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