Cashmere Royalty
The 2016 and 2017 crowned Royalty Courts. From left to right: 2016 Princess Cashmere Izzy Bartholdt, 2016 Princess Cashmere Tiffany Rankin, 2016 Princess Rebekah Acton, 2016 Queen Caryn Jagla, 2017 Queen Dani Monroe, 2017 Princess Cashmere Reilly Schoening, 2017 Princess Cashmere Carley Kruiswyk, 2017 Princess Cashmere Rhiannon Strutzel.
Rhiannon Strutzel, Reilly Schoening, Dani Monroe and Carley Kruiswyk, the four candidates for this year's Cashmere Royalty Pageant, waited eagerly as the final results of the night of the competition were revealed on Sunday, February 26. Decorative purses and handbags dangled down from the...

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