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Cashmere Presbyterian Church gives back to community members with ‘Clothes Closet’ giveaways


CASHMERE- The Cashmere Presbyterian Church is providing free, quality clothes to members of the local community who struggle to pay for necessities. The church calls this generous program the ‘Clothes Closet,’ and it has been rapidly growing for over a year. 

The Closet receives large donations of clothing from the local community, most in notably good condition, with some completely unused, their tags still attached. 

Church member, Carol Neve, described the Clothes Closet and its goals with enthusiasm for the support it’s received from the Cashmere community. 

“What we’re actually doing is providing free, good quality, clean clothing to people who can’t buy it for themselves. And we’re doing that solely from donated clothing. The community of Cashmere is amazing in the donations that they make, and each time we hold a donation day, we’re just amazed with what we get as far as clothing from people. We’re getting a lot of things that are new, have tags on them still.”

Some Clothes Closet giveaways also occur at the same time as the Cashmere Food Bank’s donation days, allowing struggling community members to receive a wide variety of necessities at one time.

Neve explains, “The fourth Wednesday of the month, at the same time as the food bank is holding their donation day and time, we have ours open. So then they can come on over to the church and find something for themselves or their families or their friends.”

The members of the Presbyterian Church are overjoyed for the massive amounts of support that their Clothes Closet has received, allowing the program to grow exponentially.

“In terms of those who are coming to get clothing, I would say [the program] has doubled. The donation part, I think it’s probably tripled, the amount of clothing that we’re getting and the number of individuals who are participating,” Neve shared with satisfaction. 

The Cashmere Presbyterian Church’s Clothes Closet is asking for donations on July 20, and will be redistributing donations in a giveaway on July 24. 

For more information about the CPC’s community programs, visit or follow the Clothes Closet page on Facebook for more updates on upcoming giveaways.

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