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Small Change, secondhand art supply shop in Cashmere, nears grand opening


CASHMERE – Small Change is one of the newest additions to Side Street Cashmere, selling secondhand art supplies and craft materials for every imagination. The store hosted a soft opening on Jan. 20 but will have its official grand opening at 10 a.m. on Feb. 3.

“I feel like it's a combination of all my skills and my passions. I've always been an artist, and I've always been the kind of artist that will try anything once.  Then, on the other hand, I majored in merchandising and business, which is like the analytical side of retail, so I've always known like I was going to use that to open some kind of store,” said Hailey Glass, the shop’s owner.

Makers can find supplies for nearly every occasion in the shop. Painters have access to canvasses, paints, and brushes. Knitters have a selection of yarn. Sewers can find thread, fabric scraps, and patterns. Artists of every kind will find their fix of supplies, including scrapbookers, jewelry makers, and embroiderers.


For those with a more abstract vision or looking for inspiration, the shop has a wide variety of random supplies, such as glitter, shells, bottle caps, and vintage postage stamps.

Small Change is self-serve, so shoppers can pick up a basket, pick their supplies, and tally up their total at the self-serve station anytime the building is open. Supplies are donated, which keeps costs low.

“It’s to make sure everyone has access to creativity and the magic of art, whether that's trying something new or getting supplies that you regularly need,” said Glass.

Glass is an artist and runs her own jewelry business, Lynn Mineral. She was hired to open the mercantile space, Brassbound Goods, in Side Street Cashmere, a community hub owned by Andy and Lana Thomas.

The idea for Small Change came about one day when they were deciding what should be done with the small corridor space near the building entrance, which was at the time dark and full of old scrap wood. With its proximity to the Dispatch Mailroom, the idea of a stationary shop was thrown around.

“I immediately, like in the middle of working on something else, just raised my hand. Like, I have an idea!” said Glass. 

Glass pitched Small Change, and Andy Thomas was sold on the idea and helped Glass build the walls.

“She's been integral in making this all work. She's been my right hand. She's phenomenal at her job. So, part of it is just making sure that she feels valued and that her ideas can come to fruition as well as not just mine. This is Side Street; it is a collaborative effort,” said Thomas.

The construction of the shop itself is a testament to Side Street’s reign of creativity. Thomas used the various wood already sitting in the corridor and windows from a previous project to construct the walls.

“That corridor from the Co-op to Gaucho [coffee shop] is kind of the main focal point when people come in, so it's a nice way to kind of show that we are living our brand, right? Like, it needs to be a creative corridor, if that's the image that we're portraying,” said Thomas.

Small Change is intended to not only serve as a low barrier of entry for the community to engage in art and creativity but also to support the artists using the maker space downstairs by providing affordable supplies and showcasing their artwork.

Glass had a vending machine built into the wall, which sells artwork by local artists and playful items such as mystery books covered by paper. The machine accepts $1 and $5 bills, which is the typical range for the artwork pricing. Artists receive 100 percent of the profits.

Once complete, Brassbound Goods will promote artists on a larger scale just down the hall from Small Change. The mercantile will sell curated local goods and rent vendor booths to artists and local businesses.

“You can kind of imagine what Hailey's done with Small Change exemplified with a 2,000 square foot space with nine vendor spaces, plus tablespaces and wall space…Hopefully, this is just a little teaser to what's to come for our retail area,” said Thomas.

Small Change is located at 109 Railroad Ave. in Cashmere. Those looking to donate can find a list of accepted items and schedule a donation time at

Taylor Caldwell: 509-433-7276 or


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